Saddle Up for Saturday's Wild West RPG One-Shot!

25 Sep 2019 1:52 PM | Mary Hannaford (Administrator)

The small town of Golden Brooks looks idealistic in its simplicity. The land around it stretches out as far as the eye can see, a large river running in the distance. As the party approaches the town, passing ranches and homesteads along the way, the details of the buildings along Main Street become more distinct through the heat waves rising off the ground. In many ways, it looks like every small town in these parts. Wooden buildings line each side of the wide, dusty road, with a few more scattered around behind to round out the town. It’s easy to spot the largest structures of the town: the general store, the saloon, and the church. While there’s nothing fancy or presumptuous about the town – not like the large house the party passed about an hour back – the buildings all look to be at least cared for and serviceable.

There are a few people scattered about the road, doing their shopping or other errands. There’s a wagon drawn by two tired-looking donkeys sitting outside the general store. Heads come up and eyes are drawn as the party approached. Ladies in tooled dresses and men chewing tobacco on porches watch as you all pass by. You’ve been on the road for several weeks now and the thought of a cold beer and an actual mattress are nothing short of blissful.

Thus sets the stage for The Haunted Mines of Golden Brooks, a tabletop RPG one-shot coming to the Roswell Firelabs this Saturday, the 28th. Based on Dungeons & Dragons 5e, this roleplaying game offers a simplified, basic ruleset and pre-created characters for players to step into. It’s the perfect introduction for individuals who have never played and are curious about getting their toes wet, but don’t want to dive in head-first just yet. With an estimated duration of 4-6 hours, it’s also a nice, casual game for those who have been playing a while and just want to have some fun and meet others who share their interests.

This Wild West adventure features kooky characters, fun tales, and hilarious misadventures. The story is led by the Dungeon Master, but it is determined by the players and the choices they make. So, the question is: what will you do?


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