Customize Your Holiday Decor This Season!

23 Oct 2019 1:42 PM | Mary (Administrator)

Can’t find the perfect fall or holiday wreath? Come make your own at our Custom Wreath Making class! With the ribbon and frames and burlap, making your own wreath can seem overwhelming at first, but the Roswell Firelabs makes it easy! All the materials are provided and an instruct will be present to walk you through every step. That means no stopping, rewinding, and rewatching sections of a YouTube video over and over, trying to figure out WHAT is happening.

There are two wreath options for this class, a fall wreath and a holiday wreath. The fall wreath features festive ribbon and burlap to give a fun, rustic feeling that’s perfect for the Thanksgiving season. The holiday wreath is ribbon and colored mesh with flair. And the best part? You get to proudly display décor of your own making throughout the upcoming holiday season.

The Custom Wreath Making class will be held on Saturday, November 9th. It’s only a two hour class, so you know these wreaths are easy to make! All participants must select which wreath to make when signing up for the class, but are more than welcome to make both if that’s what’s desired. Member pricing is just $35 per wreath and non-members can sign up for $50. This covers materials and instruction for the class, so everything is covered. All participants have to worry about is showing up and having a good time!

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