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27 Nov 2019 11:48 AM | Mary Hannaford (Administrator)

With the Roswell Firelabs’ Holiday Maker Marketplace just around the corner (Saturday, December 7 from 2PM to 7PM) this is a great time to consider that some of the makers presenting at the market are also members of the Firelabs. Many of them are familiar faces that you’ve seen around the makerspace working on projects or teaching classes. Coming out to the Holiday Maker Marketplace is a great way to support them and the space. Community, after all, is what the Roswell Firelabs is all about.

John Hinkel

John Hinkel specializes in selling Mid-Century Modern (from the 60s) brass, and silver through his online store, Unique Decor (  All of the pieces are sourced from goodwills and other local thrift shops!  Then, once John finds a piece, it is polished to give it the best condition and shine.  Brass that John finds will be in a variety of conditions from completely tarnished to completely covered in paint!

Each piece of brass and silver has its own unique refinishing challenges, and John takes pride in making sure that every piece gets returned to the way it was originally. The Roswell Firelabs’ sandblaster is one of the tools John uses when refinishing these pieces. He can often also be found with the 3D printers and is always open to training individuals who want to learn more about them.

To see John’s interesting thrift finds and steps to refinishing different pieces, head over to his store’s Instagram @uniquedecor_atl

Jessica Mathis

Jessica Mathis is a veteran when it comes to attending markets, fairs, and trade shows. She creates everything from custom-painted wooden signs to ‘Santacam’ ornaments. The tool Jessica uses most at the Roswell Firelabs? The Silhouette Cutter! Jessica is a master of crafting unique and beautiful designs on the computer and bringing them to life with her creations. She’ll be taking custom orders at the Maker Marketplace.

She can often be found around the space teaching glass etching and sign painting classes, both of which are some of the most popular classes offered at the Firelabs. Earlier this month, she also led a class where the participants were able to etch custom designs into glass ornaments. For these classes, she often teams up with sandblasting expert William Strika – who will also be exhibiting at the Maker Marketplace.

You can check out her work at PB&J Creations on Facebook.

Steve Kennedy

Steve Kennedy is the wizard of the Roswell Firelabs Woodshop. Though most of the equipment he uses will be put away for the Holiday Maker Marketplace, Steve will be attending as a vendor with his handmade cutting boards and other unique products. Recently, Steve confided that he’s planning to showcase several projects, including serving trays, made from reclaimed barnwood that’s over 150 years old.

Between teaching the occasional class, providing training to those wanting to become authorized on all the woodshop equipment, and working on his own projects, Steve can be found around the Firelabs most any day of the week. With expertise and an ever welcoming demeaner, he’s happy to give advice where needed and is an endless fount of knowledge. There isn’t a tool in the woodshop he doesn’t know inside and out.

Mary Hannaford

Mary Hannaford makes crafty gift items with her mother as well as writing children’s books under the penname MaryJoe Jenkins. Her books offer fun, adorable storylines that carry a moral lesson while taking the reader through an age-appropriate recipe that’s then provided at the end of the book. A culinary school graduate and a veteran of the industry, Mary designs all the recipes herself and tests them out with the kids of friends and family. She prides herself in making sure no recipe is more than four steps long, keeping things simple for busy families.

Mary also spreads her love of food at the Firelabs, where she teaches cupcake and cookie decorating classes for all ages. She also runs classes and hosts games for Dungeons & Dragons, the tabletop role-playing game, and uses the woodshop for her hobby of refinishing and upcycling furniture pieces.

You can find out more about Mary’s books on her Amazon Author Page, her website, or by following her on Facebook.

But these aren’t the only members who will be at the Roswell Firelabs Makerspace Maker Marketplace! Check out these other awesome Member Vendors:

John Ramminger – Wood Products

Jessica Hain – Jhain Art Silver Jewelry

Judy Howard – Panther and Dragonfly Productions Art & Bath Products

Non-Member Vendors will also be in attendance, featuring everything from handmade clothing to soaps to crotchet and handmade journals. There will also be hot chocolate and spiced apple cider available from the space to help keep everyone warm and Bach 2 Rock will be providing music for the evening.  A photobooth will be set up underneath the large three out front with Firelabs volunteers around to help you take all your holiday photos, so no one gets left out! Parking is available across the street at Connections Plaza and Carl Black Auto is supplying a complimentary shuttle service.

The Roswell Firelabs Maker Marketplace isn’t something you’ll want to miss out on! Let us know you’re coming here.

Want to help? Spread the word! Share the Roswell Firelabs’ Facebook posts, tell your friends and family (or just anyone), and get people excited for this event! You can also print out the flyer included below and put it up in your local coffeeshop, pass it out in the grocery store or mall as you do your holiday shopping, or stick it in every neighbor’s mailbox. We’ll leave the choice up to you.

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