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Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Do Your Share!

11 Dec 2019 10:42 AM | Mary Hannaford (Administrator)

Are you familiar with the "Clean Up" song? It's a classic in preschools, elementary schools, and homes all across the country. Maybe you heard it growing up, too.

Clean up, clean up!

Everybody, everywhere!

Clean up, clean up!

Everybody do your share!

At the Roswell Firelabs Makerspace, a lot of how the space is kept is dependant on volunteer and member efforts. Because of this, doing your share can make a huge difference! When teaching or participating in a class, or working on your own projects, we ask that you take the time to clean up after yourself. 

In the classroom or the common area:

  • Push the chairs back in around the table
  • Make sure the tables are clear of any scraps or leftover supplies
  • If there's a spill, please wipe it up
  • Throw all trash away in the bins (If you're an overachiever, you can also take a full trash bag out to the bins along the side of the building and replace it with a new bag from the supply in the restroom)
  • Make sure any equipment used has been cleaned up and put away
  • Personal food should be labeled in the communal fridge if not meant for sharing
  • Please do not leave personal food in the communal fridge past expiration
  • Please turn the lights off when you leave

In the main bay:

  • Don't use common work areas covered in adhesives or paint
  • If you change the settings on any equipment, change them back once you're finished for the day
  • Make sure the tables are clear of any scraps or leftover supplies. Surplus that you don't need anymore can go in the scrap bins
  • When doing woodwork, please use the shop vac to clean up the floor AND the work surface before moving on
  • Throw all trash away in the bins (Again, please feel free to take out and replace any full trash bags)
  • Please put away any equipment pulled out and used
  • Remember that other people are using this space, too. ALL EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES SHOULD REMAIN AT THE FIRELABS
  • Don't leave project sitting out and in the way of others
  • Please turn the lights off when you leave

In the restrooms:

  • When cleaning paintbrushes and other equipment, please remember to rinse out the sink
  • If you put the seat up, please put it back down
  • If you 'miss', please wipe it up
  • Use the air freshener as needed
  • Please turn the lights off when you leave

The responsibility to keep the Roswell Firelabs Makerspace a nice, pleasant place to create rests on all of our shoulders. All of this boils down to one simple rule, leave it how you found it. Or better than! There's nothing wrong with doing a little something extra in the space if you see a need. 

Speaking of needs, the Firelabs has some items on our holiday wish list to help us keep things neat and tidy! Whether you have one at home you'd like to donate, or you're feeling extra generous and want to purchase one new, we're on the lookout for these items:

Swiffer Sweeper

This handy tool is to help better clean our restroom floors. Our current mop leaves too much water behind, leading to the retention of dirt. A Swiffer Sweeper will capture dirt and dry faster for a longer-lasting clean!

Extendable Duster

As some of you may have noticed, we have some pretty tall ceilings in our bay area. In order to clean the tracks for the doors and the various piping, we either need to climb a ladder or get our hands on something that can reach all the way up.

Other housekeeping donations can include: large black trash bags, Lysol wipes, and disinfectant sprays. 

Working together, we can keep our space clean so it's a better experience for everyone.


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