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Your Operational Leadership Team

29 Jul 2020 4:03 PM | Anonymous

A lot has been happening with the Roswell Firelabs Makerspace in the last few months, including a global pandemic that shut everything down for several months. Now, members are back in the space and we are beginning to take steps to open back up to groups and classes over time - but that doesn’t mean leadership wasn’t busy while the Firelabs were closed. There were efforts to produce and provide PPE to medical professionals, new equipment acquisitions, and updates all around the Firelabs.

With new members joining and returning members settling back in, we wanted to take a moment to (re)introduce the Roswell Firelabs Makerspace’s Operational Leadership Team.

William Strika - Executive Director /  Operations Manager

William’s face is probably one of the most well-known ones at the Roswell Firelabs. He’s almost always around and happy to answer questions or help resolve an issue. As Executive Director, William is responsible for the day-to-day functions of the space, leading the Operations Committee, fundraising, and community relations. During the Covid-19 shutdown, he coordinated with the City of Roswell to allow for the space to be used for PPE and also connected the Firelabs with Atlanta Beats Covid to accomplish this goal, overseeing the production of over 5,000 units of PPE. He also led fundraising efforts to procure a laser cutter, supply and financial donations, and grant awards.

John Hinkel - Shop Manager

John can usually be found in the 3D-printing area of the Roswell Firelabs or restoring brass pieces for resale. John is uniquely suited to his role as Shop Manager because of his keen organization and attention to detail. He juggles incoming equipment requests - both for new equipment and repairs for anything damaged or worn out - and works with each area’s SIG lead to make sure everyone has what they need. He also facilitates Shop Committee meetings and represents the SIG leads in matters that need to be brought to the entire Operations Team. 

Mary Hannaford - Communications Manager

Mary is a self-described collector of hobbies and can be found poking around at most any corner of the Firelabs, but her passion and background lie in communication. The Communications Manager of the Roswell Firelabs is responsible for the makerspace’s website, blog, social media, class orchestration, running the Communications Committee meetings, and community involvement. Several of these tie in closely with the Executive Operations Manager’s goals for fundraising and community relations. With the pandemic currently hampering classes, her focus has been on the Firelabs being featured by various news outlets and exploring grants.

Kevin Strika - Treasurer/Finance Manager

Kevin has years of financial experience under his belt and brings all that knowledge to bear for the Firelabs. As an expert in his field, he has gone above and beyond as Treasurer. He manages both the monthly and yearly financial reports for the makerspace, but also provides invaluable recommendations and insight. He coordinates with John as Shop Manager and the rest of the Operations Team both on day-to-day expenses and larger, specialty purchases. The Roswell Firelabs has him to thank for a lot of the stability and proactive financial planning that got us through being temporarily closed for several months because of the pandemic.

The Operational Team of the Roswell Firelabs strives to ensure that the makerspace doesn’t just survive, but that it thrives. And you can be a part of that effort, too! If you are interested in learning - or doing! - more, please attend one of our virtual committee meetings on Slack or contact us at


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