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Orion Motortech 80W Laser: overview, features, and safety


Floor-standing laser chassis with an 80W C02 tube, industrial chiller, air compressor, and exterior-mounted fume extractor.  


  • 80W laser tube. 
  • Large working area: 20’’ x 28’’. 
  • Machine dimensions: 45" x 33.8" x 38".
  • Engraving Speed: 0-500 mm/s. Cutting Speed: 0-80 mm/s.
  • Red dot laser pointer guide
  • Adjustable Z height


Laser engravers/cutters are cool tools.  They can also be extremely dangerous.  There are certain things you should NEVER do with a laser engraver/cutter.  If you do these things, you will at a minimum be restricted from using our laser.  

DO NOT leave the laser unattended.

    • You must monitor the laser at all times for the duration that you are using it.  Someone needs to be able to safely shut down the machine and mitigate a potential hazard if unexpected behavior occurs.
DO NOT open the laser door while the tool is in operation.
  • This is an incredibly bad thing to do, as this laser has the potential to cause permanent blindness, amongst other things.  There is no reason to do this while the machine is in operation.

DO NOT stare at the beam without eye protection.

  • You should always be wearing some basic form of eye protection (safety glasses) when operating this machine.

DO NOT use hazardous or unapproved materials

Hazards & Safety


Moving Parts. Many of our tools have rotating parts, gears, belts, blades, pulleys, gantries, etc.  You should always make sure you have secured loose hair/clothing/accessories at all times.  Additionally, do not wear any kind of gloves when using mechanical equipment, due to snagging risks.

 Hazardous Lasers/Light in use.  Always view light through a UV barrier or with UV eye protection (such as a welding hood or UV goggles)

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