On the shop floor, the most prominent feature is our giant wall of tools.  This is where all of our handheld equipment is stored.  Large tables are centered around this area, ideal for building projects with plenty of room to spare.  This area is also home to an abrasive blasting cabinet; a great tool for etching glass, stripping paint, etc.


It's a giant wall of tools with pegboard and cubbies for storage.

Tools include but are not limited to:

        • Cordless Drills and Drivers
        • Hand Routers
        • Jigsaws
        • Circular Saws
        • Reciprocating Saws
        • Various wrenches, drill bits, screwdrivers, hammers
        • Hand Sanders (orbital, finishing, etc)
        • Rotary Tools
        • Biscuit Joiner
        • Blasting Cabinet w/Air Compressor

Roswell FireLabs
1601 Holcomb Bridge Rd

Roswell, GA 30076

Roswell FireLabs is managed by Atlanta Maker Alliance, Inc., a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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