The Common Area is the first room that members and guests see when they enter through the front door.  This area contains a large craft table for projects, comfortable seating, a small kitchen area, a digital information board, and bookshelves for maker-related texts and board games.


  • Community Bulletin Board
    • Take a business card
    • Leave a business card
    • Entirely up to you
  • Electronic Information Board
  • Couches and Tables
    • This is where you sit when you're bored or tired
    • Gigantic crafting table for projects
  • Maker Library
    • Books and magazines related to projects and building things
    • Board Games
  • Kitchen/General Space
    • Refrigerator
    • Microwave
    • Coffee Machine
    • Toaster
    • An awesome commemorative Grand Opening poster
    • iMac running Lubuntu Linux
      • Connected hardware:  Monochrome and Color Laser printers

Roswell FireLabs
1601 Holcomb Bridge Rd

Roswell, GA 30076

Roswell FireLabs is managed by Atlanta Maker Alliance, Inc., a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations should be made out to Atlanta Maker Alliance.

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