Welcome to the wiki site for Roswell Firelabs.  On this site, you will find lots of information about the various zones within the space, equipment, tools, policies, and other stuff.

Click on the Area Names below to learn more and view pictures of each area.

Common Area

The Common Area is the first room that members and guests see when they enter through the front door.  This area contains a large craft table for projects, comfortable seating, a small kitchen area, a digital information board, and bookshelves for maker-related texts and board games.

3D Printing/CAD Area

This area is home to all of our 3D printers, a high-quality photo printer, a medium-format vinyl cutter, and a large-format combination plotter/vinyl cutter.


This is an administrative area for makerspace staff, and general storage for all things related to computers.

Hall of Members

This is where we keep a physical record of our members, as well as their maker interests, and what training checklists they have completed in the space.

Multipurpose Room

This is a large open floorspace with modular tables and seating arrangements, centered around a whiteboard with a High Definition projector on the ceiling.  It is ideal for hosting classes and gatherings where presentations are required.

Sewing/Cosplay Area

This area is located in the rear of the Classroom area, and is home to all activities involving sewing machines, fabrics, cosplay, etc.

Electronics/HAM Radio Area

Our HAM Radio station is also located in the rear of the classroom, opposite the sewing/cosplay area.  This area also contains a general workspace for electronics (soldering, etc).

Wall of Tools/Assembly Area

On the shop floor, the most prominent feature is probably our giant wall of tools.  This is where all of our handheld equipment is stored.  Large tables are centered around this area, ideal for building projects with plenty of room to spare.  This area is also home to an abrasive blasting cabinet; a great tool for etching glass, stripping paint, etc.

Metalworking Area

Located in Bay 1 of the shop floor, the metalworking area is central to no less than four 220V power outlets, and at least six 110V outlets, making it an ideal location for things like welders, mills, metal lathes, etc.  This area is where activities involving metals take place.

Woodworking Area

Opposite the Wall of Tools, and spanning the width of both Bay 2 and Bay 3 of the shop floor, is the Woodworking Area.  This section of the shop floor contains a variety of powered equipment suitable for almost any woodworking project.  From table saws to planers, scroll saws to oscillating sanders, lathes to joiners, and much more, this area is a friend to amateurs and seasoned woodshop professionals alike.

CNC Area

In the rear of the shop floor is the CNC Area.  This is home to our OpenBuilds CNC Router, as well as any other computer-controlled shop equipment.

Locker Room

This is where members may store small projects and tools.  Lockers are rented to members for $10/month, and are secured with electronic RFID locks.


This area is ideal for messy benchtop crafts - particularly clay, pottery, sculpture, and other activities which require a controlled environment.

Art Studio

Anything involving traditional artistic crafts - such as screen printing, paper pulping, stamping, glass blowing, stained glass, large kiln work, etc., finds a home in this room.

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