Training Overview

Roswell Firelabs operates on a culture of peer-to-peer training and skill validation. Our goal is to foster a culture of “safety first”. All members are responsible for their own safety and for complying with the requirements of this policy.

Members must complete a tool checklist prior to operating equipment unsupervised. The member must:

  1. Attend training, either individual or group

  2. Complete the tool checklist under supervision

  3. Get the checklist approved by an authorized trainer (AT)

Hard copies of each checklist are stored behind each red book in each room. One-on-one training and tool approval must be scheduled by contacting the SIG owner, found on the member board.

Members under 16 require adult supervision at all times, even upon completion of the tool checklist.

Use the “how-to” posters, even during training, and ask for help if you don’t know or remember!

All participants of Roswell Firelabs are required to sign our Release of Liability Waiver for themselves and/or their children:

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