So you want to teach some classes...

Great!  If you have ideas on what classes you want to teach, please email with the following criteria:

  • Date/Time of the event
  • A detailed description of the event
  • Registration Fee for Members v. Non Members
  • Materials Cost or itemized Bill of Materials
  • Are there any materials that attendees need to purchase/bring separately from the class registration?
  • Area Needed (Workshop Area/Classroom/Outside, etc.)
  • Recommended Age Groups

Instructor Checklist

Please follow the following guidelines when conducting a class.

    1. Please arrive slightly in advance of the scheduled class time.
    2. Unless otherwise arranged, all attendees need to pre-register for events via the Roswell Firelabs website.
    3. If your class takes place on the shop floor (AKA the big room with the garage doors), please ensure that everyone wears close-toed shoes and eye protection.
    4. If your class works with sharp objects, chemicals, or hazardous equipment, always have attendees wear appropriate protective gear/clothing.
    5. Clean up after your class is concluded.  If trash cans are full, empty them into the curbside bins.  Clean trash bags located in the restroom cabinets.
    6. If any equipment is relocated during your class, return it to the original operating location.

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