This area is home to all of our 3D printers, regular printers, vinyl cutters/plotters, and other related tools.


Hazards & Safety


Hot Surfaces.  Do not touch 3D Printer Extruders, Beds, Heat Press interior, or Flash Dryer interior while in operation or immediately after use.  Wait for all heated surfaces to cool down.

 Wear gloves when working with SLA 3D Printer Resin and other chemicals.  Use heat-resistant gloves when you need to touch heated surfaces (such as cleaning printer extruders).

Moving Parts. Do not touch equipment while in operation.  Secure loose hair/clothing/accessories.


Hazardous Lasers/Invisible Light in use. Do not open the SLA Resin Printer enclosure while in operation.


Chemical Hazard when working with SLA 3D Printer Resin and other chemicals.

 Sharp Implements.  Don't touch the cutting blades on the vinyl cutters.  

Roswell FireLabs
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