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In the rear of the shop floor is our OpenBuilds CNC Router.


Travel (Work Area) X Axis 29" (730mm) / Y Axis 32" (810mm) / Z Axis 4" (~100mm)

Workable Material      2" (~47mm) Based on a 1/2" spoiler board stack


Drive System    Lead Screw Driven

Machine Accuracy      0.001"~0.003" (0.05mm~0.10mm)

Footprint 40" x 40" (1000mm x 1000mm)



Golden Rules - if you don't follow these on a basic level, you cannot use the CNC:

    • Never leave the CNC running unattended.  If a mechanical failure occurs, you must be able to react and shut the machine down.  Leaving the machine unattended will result in suspension of privileges.
    • Always tighten the spindle chuck with a wrench after changing bits.
    • Do not install other control software on the CNC computer. 
    • Always clamp your material to the MDF spoil board.
    • Always use the dust collector and dust sweeping boot.
    • Never run a job with the spindle off.
    • Always wear eye protection while the CNC is running.

General Guidelines:

    • We have a limited selection of bits.  If you have specific needs, bring your own bits.
    • We use Inventables Easel for a software toolchain.  Sign up for a free account and create a design, then generate a sharing link to use with our Easel Pro account on the CNC computer (or export your design as an SVG and import).  Playing around with Easel on your own time is the best way to learn how the software works.
    • Always make sure you are using the appropriate feedrate/speed for your material type.
    • Always follow all the instructions given by Easel.
    • Buy a caliper.  You need to know the REAL thickness of your material, not the advertised thickness, when setting the Z height.

Hazards & Safety

 Crush Hazard (feet).  Any number of things in the woodshop can seriously injure your feet if you drop something on them. Wear eye protection (ANSI Z87 preferred) at all times in the woodshop.

Moving Parts. Many of our power tools have rotating parts, gears, belts, blades, pulleys, gantries, etc.  You should always make sure you have secured loose hair/clothing/accessories at all times in the woodshop.  Additionally, do not wear any kind of gloves when using mechanical equipment, due to snagging risks.

  Wear closed-toe shoes at all times in the woodshop.
 Sharp Implements.  There are many things in the woodshop that can puncture and cut skin.  Many of our tools make louder than normal noises, so wear hearing protection as needed.
 Fume/Ventilation Hazard.  Fine sawdust/particulate, fumes from paint, stains, and other chemicals, and fumes from other areas (such as the metalworking area) may be present.  Always use the available dust collection and ventilation systems.  Wear breathing protection where fumes or fine particulate dust is present.

Roswell FireLabs
1601 Holcomb Bridge Rd

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    • I acknowledge that I am voluntarily participating in the activities and/or facilities operated by the organization, and agree to accept all risks.

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