Maker Spotlight: Luke Greene

22 Aug 2018 11:24 PM | William (Administrator)

Written by: Christa Gould, Roswell Firelabs, Communications Team

Flight Creations is the name under which Roswell Firelabs member Luke Greene creates his beautiful hand-carved birds.   Luke is a native of Atlanta.  He grew up in the Sandy Springs area, and then attended North Georgia College, Georgia State Univ. and Woodrow Wilson College of Law..  Luke owns an executive recruiting firm,  and has lived in Roswell since 2010. Hummer Luke uses basswood and carves with knives.  Power tools are sometimes used. The steps of the process are carve, burn (pyrography), then paint.  In the last 6 years, Luke estimates he’s finished 80+ birds. Many of his birds are crafted into wine stoppers and can be purchased at the Wine Store on Holcomb Bridge Road. 

How did you get started with carving birds? 

As a kid, Luke always loved knives.  Cub Scouts can earn the Whittling Chip card that teaches them knife skills and safety and earns them the right to carry a pocketknife.  As a Boy Scout, Luke learned to make knives. Also, part of the paraphernalia of a Boy Scout is a knife kit. “I had the knives, and I wanted to use them!” As an adult, Luke taught scouts at his home.  He says it was great fun because it brought back fond memories.     

Where do you get inspiration for your works? 

His approach is to learn what the client wants.  Then he studies the bird in terms of its configuration and feather patterns.  So there is a learning curve with each new type of bird. Luke is also a member of the Audubon Society. 

Is there one piece you consider your finest? 

There are two that are particularly meaningful to me.  The first is one I did for my niece and nephew that live in John’s Creek.  Their house burned down. Thankfully, no one was hurt. They rebuilt their home on the same lot and asked me if I would carve a Phoenix.”  The mythological Phoenix bird is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. Luke completed the Phoenix and then made it into a mold which he then cast in bronze. The other piece that Luke holds dear was done for his high school / college / fraternity friend who introduce Luke to his current wife.  As a thank you, he carved a Great Blue Heron with Sandpiper mounted on bleached driftwood. 

What advice do you have for someone who wants to begin their artistic journey? 

Do what I DIDN’T do.  Get instruction so you don’t have to figure out the basics.   

What interests you about Roswell Fire Labs? Eagle-Stopper.jpg      

Luke learned about RFL through connection with his neighborhood.  It was during a demonstration at the Chattahoochee Nature Center. Luke hopes to teach carving skills at RFL.  “Teaching allows you to verbalize and explain ‘why’.” Teaching is a significant interest of Luke’s. Luke says, “Come take my class and let me show you the basic cuts.  Then you can carve anything.” He has a class at Woodcraft on Holcomb Bridge Rd in October.

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